All about Justbellavista

  Who are we?

We are Steve and Ally and we are a go-get-it couple who aren’t very good at sitting still. We work hard and play hard and always have a ton of projects and adventures on the go.

We have just finished, (minus a few tweaks) our first house on our property in the north east Algarve in Portugal. Our first log cabin is part of a master plan involving three more houses to make a small holiday complex offering motorcycle tours in our beautiful part of Portugal, featuring stunning scenery, gorgeous sunshine and empty roads.

Picture of Steve and Ally working the sound desk at a local music festival

Our Suzuki GSX650 touring bike blue and shiny in the Portuguese sun

Our Toys

One of our toys is a Suzuki GSX650 which gets us out exploring the local countryside and allows us to visit many of the festivals which take place almost every weekend from spring till late autumn.
These festivals provide lots of opportunities to show you snippets of local activities and culture via our You-Tube channel Just Bella Vista also employment opportunities for our sound and lighting reinforcement business Pearl Productions, email

More Toys

Our other big toy is a Hunter 45 sail boat in which we have crossed the Atlantic three times. We have explored the Mediterranean and are in the midst of our next voyage to Brazil and beyond. We are actually now beyond Brazil and exploring the delights of the northern part of South America.
Before coming to Portugal we both spent many years living aboard our boats and still are a little torn between our life on land and our life at sea. As age creeps up on us however, we are starting to feel the need for a few more roots.

our Yacht a Hunter 45cc called Christina Pearl sitting in a turquoise bay in Sardinia


The Log cabin and garden that we built at our home in rural Portugal

Our Home

At home we are trying to convert our rocky property to a verdant paradise and live off the fat of our land as much as we can. Our house is powered and our water heated by solar and we collect all our grey water to help keep our little slice of paradise green. We are resourceful make and mend kind of people who save all our odds and ends for future projects and try to make as much of what we need ourselves, from what we have, to keep our costs low. I love to fiddle in the kitchen inventing and trying new recipes with the gluts of produce that are sometimes all ready at once. Steve loves to fiddle with technological gadgets or play in his man-cave making wood or metal work projects. We both have to put a lot of time and effort into keeping the boat afloat.


We hope you will find something to interest you from our projects, recipes and exploits on this page as time goes on.